Good Design Examples

Good Design Examples


The Foundation for Professional Ergonomics does not endorse these projects.  And, the Foundation for Professional Ergonomics does not assume that a systematic ergonomics approach or ergonomic principles were followed.

From time to time, however, the Foundation does come across various products and presentations that appear to be well designed for the users of the product/presentation.  FPE believes it is important to recognize those products/presentations.

The following are two products that meet these criteria.

Milwaukee Drill and Case

This design case involves a heavy-duty electric drill and case manufactured by Milwaukee Tools Inc.  The case has the carrying handle not located at the center of the geometry but over the center of mass.  The result is a much easier load to carry and manipulate.  This is a very simple, but effective, design change from the traditional that probably cost very little to develop and include in the final design.


Case Dimensions:

  • Height 14”
  • Length 28”
  • Width 4”
  • Handle off center 4”
  • Weight 36 kg



This design case involves a container for a liquid that needs to be measured out in small quantities.  The container has two chambers – one to hold the bulk of the liquid and the other to hold the amount to be dispensed.  The dispensing chamber is marked for a number of amounts.  The process is simple.  The dispensing chamber is filled to the level appropriate for desired amount, the cap is removed, the liquid poured from the dispensing chamber with none coming from the bulk chamber.  If the desired amount is more than the dispensing chamber will hold, the process is repeated until the desired amount is achieved.  This design is simple, economical, efficient, and effective.


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